Godstow Press

David and I married in 2000. Three years later, we founded Godstow Press. There were many reasons, but one of my resolutions this year (2011) is to stop whingeing so I’ll only mention one: I thought I’d probably earn more money publishing my books myself. Well, I probably would, if we didn’t keep ploughing back the money to publish the next title.

We treat authors differently: no advance, but generous royalties. They seem to like us, even though we don’t give them launch parties or sell their books in any great quantity. We’re working on the latter, but three years caring for my mother set us back a bit.

We have a niche place in the market, we like to think, somewhere between fiction and non-fiction. A couple of years ago, David coined the term ‘true fiction’. What he meant was creative works that reflect deeper realities, usually from people actively engaged in spiritual practice, whether it is meditation, philosophy, Jungian self-analysis or whatever system chosen to discover ‘who I truly am’. So we have authors such as Jeremy Naydler, Lindsay Clarke, Angela Voss, India Russell, Noel Cobb, Michael Shepherd and Jules Cashford in our stable. Many of them have proper publishers for their proper work, but with those more personal works unlikely to find a conventional publisher, they come to us and we’re very glad to receive them.

Initially we thought we would build a dedicated client base through the internet, and it worked for a few years, but then Amazon made life difficult and told the world that our books were out of print. We are currently trying to address this but, meanwhile, please go to Godstow Press to see our gorgeous collection of titles, to press our ‘Add to the Cart’ buttons and say hello to David.

We have just set up an imprint called Lyre Books for those wishing to fund their own publications but keep high production values. So far we have done three memorial books of poetry.


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