Posted by: Linda Proud | April 22, 2012

April Showers

Dog-walkers huddle into anoraks and shrug their shoulders up round their ears; one swan and two geese stand stunned. The hail is coming down like truck loads of frozen peas, rattling against the window and bouncing off the sills. Two minutes later, it is quiet again – the walkers unshrug and the birds get back to their territorial dispute.

Soon the sun will be out sending rainbows flashing across Port Meadow, turning the greens and blues into stained-glass colours.

I sit here wondering whether to go out or not. Each time you get one of those iridescent moments calling for the camera and a picture to celebrate Earth Day, a big black cloud comes across the sun, warning you to stay in. Those colours and the richness of the damp, fertile ground are like bog cotton, tempting you into the marsh. Best to stay in, keep warm and dry, but oh!, right now it’s all changing…

Back in a mo.

The meadow in best livery

Two mallard drakes go chest-to-chest in a push off. It’s all sex, ducks and rock’n’roll on the pond these days.

She awaits the victor.




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