Posted by: Linda Proud | April 6, 2012

Cherry blossom on Good Friday

I hadn’t been to Burgess Field for about a month, before bud-burst. Now much of it is in new leaf. The path through the little wood is lined with cherry trees and their blossom falls in showers. The woodland floor has new grass, wild garlic, ground ivy, all pushing though last year’s litter, and now this confetti of petals falls in silent ceremony.

Cherry trees on Good Friday

Blackthorn is still in blossom and I’m noting its position to collect sloes next autumn, for I’ve just come across a recipe for sloe and melon jam.

Blackthorn noted

The roe deer are losing their shyness and do well at staring me out. Neither side won: we both got bored and went our ways.

Mr and Mrs Roe

Thanks to what I’ve learnt on a couple of foraging walks recently, I picked jack-in-the-hedge and hawthorn tips to make a ‘mint’ sauce for Sunday lunch, as well as cleaver tips and wild chives.


The great snowy symphony of hawthorn begins with tiny buds. By the end of the month we shall be in the grand finale.


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