Posted by: Linda Proud | January 17, 2009

BT Compensation

Back in the blizzard of IT failure that afflicted us September to November last year, we had a week without the phone working. At first BT denied the fault was theirs. When the fault was at last tackled and fixed, they admitted it had been caused by the engineer installing broadband a couple of years previously.

I had a look at their website regarding compensation. Not only had we suffered the consequences of a week without the phone, but it had cost us a great deal using a mobile to call their ‘free’ helpline. The BT website was difficult to navigate but it seemed that compensation would be offered on a sliding scale and comes in the form of line rental rebates. When I googled the subject, however, I heard the howls of the disaffected: it was obviously going to be a great test of patience to pursue the matter. But I pursued it.

Here follows a list of what happened next but remember that weeks if not months passed between each stage.

1. I filled in the form on line to register the complaint.
2. BT phoned (Indian call centre) and offered compensation of £11.65. I rejected this as derisory and asked for the matter to be referred to a manager.
3. Another call from India – back to square one.
4. A letter from English address, saying ‘we are happy you’ve agreed to 50p as compensation.’
5. I wrote to that person at that address.
6. A month later I get a call from someone trained to RSC standards of acting who absolutely seduced my ears with her apologies on behalf of BT. Compensation offered – £40. Accepted.

I was on the very point of following my New Year resolution (‘Seek Alternatives’) but now I shall stay with BT a little longer.

If you got here by googling ‘BT Compensation’ you want the address, don’t you? Here it is:

Jillian G Lewis
Customer Service Director
BT plc
Correspondence Centre
DH98 1BT

Good luck! Don’t let the bastards grind you down. . .



  1. I posted to that address via recorded delivery, they told me that it could not be accepted as a real complaint as i didnt put the directors name – so be careful they will try and have you!

  2. Well done Linda. I am have nightmares after switching back to BT. I can call out but no one can call in. Seems my number is not the same anymore, really strange thing is because I am Ex directory they cannot tell me the number!!When I spoke to "Complaints" they said "Your line is working, it's just that you don't have the right number" So no we cannot refund or compensate!! Now 8 days and still waiting to know my number.

  3. Dear Anonymous,What a nightmare! I can only wish you very good luck with your quest for justice. Why on earth did you switch back to BT? We're still surveying the competition but are determined to get out as soon as we can.Linda

  4. interesting publication

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