Posted by: Linda Proud | January 25, 2008

Delayed Gratification

Did I say ‘The End’? Silly me. The typesetter is off on holiday until 2nd February we discovered today, when we phoned in a flap to find out why she hadn’t sent the files for the cover to the printers. That’s it, then. No hope of the promised January publication, but still a chance for my favoured date of February 14th – very appropriate for Venus.

Had to admit mother to the John Radcliffe Hospital again yesterday. Having learnt lessons previously, I took a flask of hot drink and a good book. There I was, deep in Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella, when a young Korean woman came to fill in a form. Having established name and address (already taken in the ambulance), she asked, ‘Do you consider yourself White British?’ Before Mum could say ‘Eh?’, even before an expletive of surprise issued from my lips, she followed with ‘Church of England?’ and checked the box. We had about an hour to ruminate on the significance of our colour and theological inclinations before the doctor came.

‘Fool,’ said my muse to me. ‘Look in thy heart and write.’


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