Posted by: Linda Proud | January 17, 2008

The End

Today we sent off the printing files to SRP in Exeter. It’s all up to them now, to turn what I’ve written into a tangible book. How do I feel? Free! I’m so thoroughly engaged by my new project that, in the end, the trilogy became something of a distraction. But anyway, today’s the day that the long, awful process of bringing it to completion finally ended.

And what do I see as I look out of the window? Why, floods! The water isn’t quite as high as it was in the summer, but the meadow is a lake and the water’s still rising. We’re back on high alert. I over-reacted in July; perhaps now I am too complacent – we went to bed last night leaving the new TV where it is. It’s very hard to gauge the right mental response. I think this time I shall trust to instinct more than to dire warnings from governmental agencies. But the pop-sock sandbags are poised, and we have stocked up on water and cereal bars. Yesterday we went out and bought proper wellington boots so at least I can get to the allotment and rescue the leeks from the sucking mire.


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