Posted by: Linda Proud | September 3, 2007

The End?

After months of wondering, here is the answer. You have reached the end when you look at your work and think, ‘There’s nothing more to do.’ So off with it to the typesetter at the end of the week then, and start worrying about covers.

It being such a lovely day, with sunshine and a cool breeze from the north, we spent nearly the whole day on the allotment and had a picnic lunch entirely organic and much of it fresh-picked. Never tasted anything so good. ‘This is better than a holiday,’ said David, staring out at Wytham Hill. We had company: Cowboy Catherine on the next plot, and Robin on the one after that. We were all happy, digging, hoeing and raking. This is the good life.

Having just followed an American recipe for ‘apple jam’, I’m wondering if the Americans use the term ‘chutney’ – for chutney is what it looks like to me. Too hot to taste right now, but I’ll try it in the morning and on toast.

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